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Artspace2Let is a not for profit organisation dedicated to exhibiting new and emerging artists' work in and around Edinburgh.

We know what it's like trying to get a foot on the art-career ladder, so we keep commission charges low, assist with hanging work and help artists to make connections that will hopefully help them to develop a supportive and informed network of contacts - as well as hopefully finding buyers.


Delahunt, Laura

Laura Delahunt has a BA Hons Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and currently lives and works in Edinburgh. She creates energetic art as a response to anything that inspires her, from Neolithic art to people and animals.


My name is eLL and I am an artist living and working in Edinburgh. I create light-hearted, colourful illustrations using a mix of oil pastels, coloured pencils and inks on a variety of boards and paper. My inspiration comes from the nature and my five-year-old daughter who has introduced me to the new way of perceiving the world. When asked about the message behind my illustrations, the reply is straightforward - to bring a smile to people's faces!

Shivas, Fiona

"The paintings for StillLife are a celebration of the arrival of spring – of the colourful yet delicate flowers appearing around us and of the light and space that are suddenly beamed into our lives. I also took inspiration from the setting of the Water of Leith Bistro, choosing a calm, subdued colour palette and natural subject matter to reflect the café’s air of tranquility and connection to the river gently flowing by. I originally trained as a textile designer and now combine painting with primary school teaching. I am available for exhibitions, commissions or teaching projects."