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Artspace2Let is a not for profit organisation dedicated to exhibiting new and emerging artists' work in and around Edinburgh.

We know what it's like trying to get a foot on the art-career ladder, so we keep commission charges low, assist with hanging work and help artists to make connections that will hopefully help them to develop a supportive and informed network of contacts - as well as hopefully finding buyers.

Walton, Larnie

My momentum for creating a painting comes from everyday observations. Through photography I typologically gather ordinary, mundane imagery and arrange this in a reductive, methodical system to portray a minimalist aesthetic. This includes an act of repetition as a compositional strategy, in an aim to explore a point between abstraction and representation. From afar I intend for them to appear as abstract paintings of lines and solid blocks, of moments of local detail and an overall patterned composition, yet simultaneously to exist as a highly detailed, intricate and figurative piece. Visually, I hope for them to reveal a quietness and stillness. To create an image that asks you to slow down, to look and to settle before our eyes shift and move again.