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Artspace2Let is a not for profit organisation dedicated to exhibiting new and emerging artists' work in and around Edinburgh.

We know what it's like trying to get a foot on the art-career ladder, so we keep commission charges low, assist with hanging work and help artists to make connections that will hopefully help them to develop a supportive and informed network of contacts - as well as hopefully finding buyers.


Wojtkowska, Agata

Photography is my personal quest for depth.  I was born blind in one eye and my ‘impaired perception of depth’ (or so they say!) inspires me to look for compositions, patterns and geometrical forms, which, through subtle variations in light, texture and tone, reveal a depth that becomes almost tangible, organic, sensuous. 

I received three Honourable Mentions at the International Photography Award competition in Los Angeles in 2012. The photograph 'The Loch', shown in this exhibition, has won 'Official Selection' certificate at PX3 Photography Competition in Paris. 'Light I', taken inside the Scottish Parliament building, has been featured on ArtLimited, a French-owned online community for visual artists.

The photographs exhibited are fine art prints and have been custom framed. 

Tainsh, Liz

I am a photographic based artist and designer applying my images to a range of materials and surfaces to create beautiful yet functional art, such as light features, soft furnishings, blinds, lampshades and wall hangings, digitally printed from my portfolio of botanical and abstract images . My background is in teaching within community arts where my specialism was in tapeslide production and photography. My work is influenced by many years experimenting with slide-making and projection techniques. I am fascinated with the play of light and shadow and scale, and am particularly drawn to the use of light to reveal the translucent, delicate quality and intricate patterns and shapes found in nature when seen up close and magnified, whether it be through the lens of a camera, projector or more recently that of a microscope.

'Decompositions’ followed on from an initial collaborative exhibition ‘Magic Garden’ with a fellow artist and painter Sarah Roberts. Although working in different mediums we both shared the fascination with looking very closely at things.

During our exhibition and a week long collaborative slide workshop with the public, using fruits to make slides we discovered the wonderful strawberry mould “Botrytis cinerea" and got most excited by the ever growing spores that appeared before our eyes with the heat of the projector bulbs and the warm summer days. Thus began our mutual enthusiasm and passion for the decomposition of matter and the beauty that lies therein and the impetus for our following Winter show ’ Decompositions.’

We continued in our explorations together with the very exciting acquisition of a microscope and recorded the remarkable images by attaching a camera to produce micrographs. These highly magnified slides created imagery more akin to looking at the moon or our solar system through a telescope rather than that of an old petal or piece of fruit.

‘As above so below’ - the repetition of pattern in nature is truly remarkable.

Mackenzie, William

I started using acrylic paints in 2008 having dabbled in watercolour and oils over the years. The paintings on show reflect my fascination with the effects of the passage of time on both the natural and built landscape that surrounds us. The posts were part of a series of six posts I did, each one with its own story to tell, as have posts and postholes stretching back through the millennia. Many of the paintings are of or painted near the sea, which has been and indeed still is a source of wealth to our nation as well as being a constant factor for change in our landscape. The Edinburgh Nocturne shows the end of a day in midwinter as seen from my home in Eildon Street. Time is one directional and chaos increases with its advance.