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Artspace2Let is a not for profit organisation dedicated to exhibiting new and emerging artists' work in and around Edinburgh.

We know what it's like trying to get a foot on the art-career ladder, so we keep commission charges low, assist with hanging work and help artists to make connections that will hopefully help them to develop a supportive and informed network of contacts - as well as hopefully finding buyers.


Kendall, Iain

Iain Kendall is an amateur photographer based in Edinburgh. What started as a hobby and an antidote to his busy working life, quickly became a passion. Favouring film and using his keen eye for atmospheric shots,
Iain focuses on capturing his city in unique and iconic frames. His photographs reflect the beauty and intrigue he finds in the everyday images around us. Sourcing and fixing cameras, taking risks with exposures and lenses, and developing his own photographs; photography is a journey for Iain, where he watches his images come to life.

Johnston, Mary

I was born in Malaysia and spent many years in Malawi. As an artist I love to experiment with all types of media. I am interested in the abstract potential of colour, line and form and my style is more expressionistic than naturalistic. My art is where the transitional area between real and imaginary, where the boundaries between the two are blurred, just as it happens in dreams. Often, when I observe different objects or think about them, these objects begin to change their shape, colour and meaning in my mind. Such metamorphosis fascinates me, because as images of people and objects stray farther away from reality, they begin to acquire additional facets of meaning and become more emotionally charged. I have enjoyed experimenting and working with many forms of artwork that include Sculpture and working with glass.

Mathieson, Donna

I am a self-taught illustrator from Edinburgh. I love creating cute characters and worlds and spend my free time creating designs which I produce as cards and prints. I create each illustration by hand drawing in pencil and ink every element of the composition. I then arrange it and add colour digitally.  I am inspired by the natural world, particularly animals. I aim to create art that makes me (and hopefully you!) smile, by exposing the sweet side of every situation.