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Artspace2Let is a not for profit organisation dedicated to exhibiting new and emerging artists' work in and around Edinburgh.

We know what it's like trying to get a foot on the art-career ladder, so we keep commission charges low, assist with hanging work and help artists to make connections that will hopefully help them to develop a supportive and informed network of contacts - as well as hopefully finding buyers.


Knox, Sarah

Sarah Knox uses a highly individual palette and technique to record the layers of history and the spirit of place found in Scottish shorelines and mountains. Her childhood was spent on the idyllic North Norfolk coast. She went on to study at the universities of Exeter and London and has taught art, complemented by periods in arts broadcasting and gallery education. Sarah has sustained her contemporary art practice throughout her career and - in the relatively short time she has been exhibiting - she has had exceptional success with her work now represented in many private and public collections.

Johnston, Robin

"I come from a background that has encouraged me to take an interest in the creative arts. Both my parents are painters. Through their influence I pursued an education in photography and video at James Watt College in Greenock and Napier University in Edinburgh. Since moving back to Glasgow from London I started taking photographs regularly again, building up a large portfolio of images and video. I have since had my work exhibited at last year’s RGI annual exhibition, and most recently at the SSA annual exhibition in Edinburgh and a solo exhibition at the Hidden Lane Gallery in Glasgow."

Robin Johnston is currently exhibiting at the Water of Leith Café Bistro in Edinburgh.

Munro, Rob

My work is derived from a spiritual sense, to paint different realities. Realities we can’t see, that may not exist except in our private hopes and fears… in other words I paint that which may lie beyond sight. The thoughts and feelings the viewer and myself feel when looking at my work, real hopes and fear, the mystery, the exotic… the journey to there from here, our physical to our metaphysical.